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Friday, June 19, 2009


Today, was my last day, and fortunately today, I finished my project ( My partner and I). Overall I could say that this whole unit in our IT class (Global Issues) was fun, because we got to use the Macs, and explore the software on it, and at the same time I also learned quite alot that I hadn't quite expected to do so. And in the end, I wished that we could've had some more time for exploring the MACS and all, but I could say I'm quite happy with what we've done.

Talking about my project I have to say that we did a fairly good job in working up our presentations, and I could say that we did a pretty good job at the parent's night, and I can't wait for our class presentation. So that's pretty much it for the evaluation, but I expect, with a little more time, I could've done a much better job.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog #5-Design and Plan

For the Design and Plan stage, we have done a lot of work, and shown below are the detais of our PLAN, and our DESIGN

Our original plan was simple, and contained most of the things Mr. Jones had told us to make for our grade, and our presentation:

  • A Brochure done either on Macintosh PAGES, or Microsoft Publisher
  • iWeb website done on the Macs (including 7 pages)
  • An animoto video
  • A voicethread
  • A Process Journal
This was our plan, and below is our design. Our Plan was successful, as we completed all of the things we had originally planned to do, and luckily we managed it all in good time.

Our Design was all the things mentioned above, and fortunately we completed all that was planned for the final presentation, and here are our final designs, and some steps we took to reach those goals.

  • Brochure: Our brochure is an A4 page split into 3 parts, otherwise a very simple brochure.
A part in the brochure
The brochure again gives statistical info., information about the diseases (prevention, famous diseases, etc.), and of course pictures.


The iWeb contains same topics as the brochure, but it is more detailed, and more precise, meaning we have put in a lot of information tha is not included in the brochure, and plus we have videos, a picture gallery and more.

*Note: I could not take screen shots of the iWeb, so if it is okay, I can only put up information, but not the screen shots pictures of the iWeb.

Of course, the iWeb also contains some new specials such as some special effects and also be preapred to see lots of cool widgets for attractions!

The Animoto, Voicethread, and Process Journal are all included in the iWeb, but there are also links to them on the iWeb and we will put up the links for you to see as well. That's all for the Plan & Design, and Thank You for reading!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly/Process Journal

Today, I started writing the Process Journal, and recording what I do every day or every week.

This week I was able to cpmplete maybe half of the iWeb, so that was a pretty good start, I suppose. Jassim has published the Animoto, and I think is working on the Voicethread, although I'm not sure because I didn't talk with him, but I hope he got some work done. 
Today was a good day, meaning I got a good amount of work done. I started the iWeb today, and my partner and I finished the Animoto video today. The iWeb seems really easy to do, and I think by next week I'll be able to finish the iWeb, so it shoud fairly easy.  Other than that I'm doing okay, I was able to finish half of the title page, and my partner said that he wanted to finish the other half, and make it look "good", so that's was al we did today. 

Today, I was a little off track, I started off by searching for some songs, but I got distracted, and before I knew it, the lesson was almost over, and I had only managed to complete putting up a few pictures on the iWeb, when who knows, I could've finshed atleast 2 pages. Jassim is almost done with the Voicethread, so that's good. And the other good thing is that I also finished the Brochure put not on the Mac PAGES, because I didn't have it installed on my iMac, so instead I finished it on Microsoft Publisher. That helped alot, and now I can put my mind straight on working on the iWeb. 

Its, already Sunday now, but theiWeb has not been completed, I've got 2 pages more to complete, and that's the only problem Jassim has completed the Voicethread, except for the act that he still has to finish the voice recordings, and hopefully he'll be finished by tomorrow. I've still got the Information page, and the About Us page to complete, and I was also thinking of making a small info. slideshow on the Keynote Program, and make a page for that. Other than that, everything else has been completed, and have finished the Brohure, Jassim's finished the Animoto, and almost has completed the Voicethread, and I'm still wondering if I should do the Keynote, but its probably too late, so coming back the iWeb's the only main thing I have to do.

It's Monday today, and I have finished doing the About Us page, but I have not yet finished doing the Information Page, so that's still something I've got to work on. Today was a bit slow, a simple one page took me like the while lesson, and I haven't asked Jassim yet, but I think he's finished with the Voicethread, hopefully. There isn't anything else to report today, so that should be it. 

It's Thursday now, our last day, but I ended up not finishing my iWeb, and that's a major problem, so I'm thinking, if I can do a bit of it over the weekend, and then I'll have a 10 minute preperation on Sunday, so I can add that information on, on Sunday. I haven't talked with Jassim yet, so I'm not sure at what stage the Voicethread's at, and hopefully its finished, and hopefully, I'll get that 10 minute chance, to work up that iWeb on next Sunday. I've completed the basic 6 pages,and all I need to add, is a little more detail, an I'm finished, so again, hopefully, I'll have that time on Sunday. 

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Brainstorm-Global Infectious Diseases

Global Infectious Diseases Brainstorm
Global Infectious Diseases Brainstorm razoryo231004 little brainstorm i made
Here is the brainstorm in a aslideshow format

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blog 4-News Article about Global Infectious Diseases

Global Infectious Diseases News Article:

-Developments on Swine Flu Worlwide-The Associated Press

-Swine Flu catching up on the weak world economy-The Associated Press

This 1st News Article talks about the recent development Swine Flu has made on the world. It gives the important details of how Swine Flu is now affecting the world, and its people. Scientists in this article are predicting that if these patterns of number grow at the same rate, Swine Flu can go from epidemic outbreak to pandemic outbreak.

According to April 28th, 2009:

  • Deaths: 152(Mexico)

  • Sickened: 50 in America, 6 in Canada, 2 in Scotland, 2 in Spain, 1 in Israel, 11 in New Zealand, and 1,995 in Mexico have pneumonia, but Swine flu not conmfired.

  • Schools closing worldwide, Britain, United States, and Mexico.

  • Mexico suspends all schools until May 6th. Surgical Masks given to public, and World Bank loans Mexico over $200 million dollars.

  • WHO(World Health Organiztion) raises the alert level to Phase 4 of 6. Disease spreads easily, can become pandemic, but not easily. Some countries ban pork import, and airports screen travellers from Mexico and Americ.a

  • World Stock Markets as investors worry that outbreak could derail economic recovery.

The 2nd News Article talks about how the recent outbreak of the new Swine Flu affecting the economy. The main idea of this article is about the recent pandemic activity of Swine Flu, and how it threatens new storms for the global economy, especially since the crisis just now seemed to settling down.

April 28th, 2009:

Recent news news tells us that the Swine Flu outbreak has unleashed a side effect that threatens the global economy in a very dangerous way.

China, Russia, and South Korea have banned imports of North American Pork, even after assurances that the disease cannot be spread through the meat. Investors had just started to pick themselves up, are now blown down again.

So far, fear of the flu is responible for the economic disruption and the disease itself. In Mexico City the Government has closed down many public places such as movie theaters, night clubs, museums, and other places where publicity can gather."That was a 36% drop in the revenue generated by tourism and services in Mexico city" says Arturo Mendicuti.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog 3- 12 Global Issues

1(Global Warming)- "an  increase in the average temperature of the earth's atmosphere (especially a sustained increase that causes climatic changes"-
2(Biodiversity & Ecosystem Losses)- "The preservation of biodiversity is considered by environmentalists to be a major goal of environmental policy" -

3(Fisheries Depletion)
- Depletion of fishes by many different causes such as; fish poachers, Global Warming, Pollution in the water, and water poi


-"to divest or
 clear forests or trees:Deforestation is considered to be a main contributor to
 the greenhouse effect."

5(Water Deficits/Crisis)-Water crisis is a term that has been used by some to refer to the world’s water resources relative to human demand. The t
erm has been applied to the worldwide water situation by the United Nations and other world organizations.[1][2] The major aspects of the water crisis are allegedly overall scarcit

6(Water/Ocean Pollution)-Point sources of water pollution are
 stationary locations such as sewage treatment plants, factories and ships. Non-point sou
rces are more diffuse and include agricultural runoff, mining activities
 and paved roads.-U.S.A Agency of Environmental Protection

7(Poverty)-the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable a-
Add Imagemount of money or material possessions. Poverty is said to exist when people lack the means to satisfy their basic needs. About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United and

8(Peackeeping)-he maintenance of international peace and security by the deployment of military forces in a particular area. The activity of keeping the peace by military forces (especially when international military forces enforce a truce between hostile groups or nations)

9(Education)-Education for All specialise in providing educational reso
urces to schools and educational projects, in developing countries, to compliment and support the work carried out by Government education ministries and emergency relief and development charities.-

10(Global Infectious Diseases)-Infections are prevalent in developing countries, where co-infection is common. The adverse impact of infectious diseases is most severe among the poorest people, who have the fewest material, physical and financial resources to draw from and limited or no access to integrated health care, prevention tools and medications. Infectious diseases raise awareness of our global vulnerability, the need for strong health care systems and the potentially broad and borderless impact of disease.-

11(Digital Divide)- Technology - even in small amounts- is helping developing nations and communities overcome tradition totake leaps forward. The digital divide is most commonly defined as the gap between those individuals and communities that have, and do not have, access to the information technologies that are transforming our lives.-

12(Natural Disasters)- Hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, electrical storms. These are merely a few of the beautiful yet destructive natural disasters that plague our lives. People marvel at these incredible feats but, to many, how they function remains a mystery.- 

Global Warming TV